Links and information on Find It Do It are provided by Worcester City Council and related organisations purely for your convenience. The appearance of a listing on the Find It Do It website is not an endorsement by Worcester City Council of that organisation, venue, individual, the information on their page, or their products or services in any way. 

Whilst we make every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information contained in every listing, care should be taken to check relevant details of services, and the Council is not responsible for any loss, however arising, from the use of, or reliance on this information.

This website contains links to external websites maintained by other organisations. We take all reasonable measures to ensure that the information on this website is not defamatory or offensive, however it cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices or content of these websites, which may change without any prior notice.

Listing Limitations

The Council may choose not to list, and therefore promote, services or organisations which conflict with the Council’s endeavors to generate revenue.  In this case it would not be appropriate to display advertising for 'competing services'. What constitutes a competing service will change from time-to-time and will therefore be judged on a case-by-case basis. 

Political organisations or individuals affiliated with specific political causes may not list on the website. The Council actively encourages the engagement of citizens and community groups in policy setting and other democratic processes, but it does not encourage and will generally not permit promotion of what might broadly be called 'lobby groups'. This applies to lobby groups which may be very local and temporary in nature, perhaps centered on a particular planning decision, or national or international and more permanent.

Equally, it would not be appropriate to display listings which in some way touch on socially contentious issues or which contain messages which could be regarded as contentious. The council reserves the right to decide whether an issue is or is not contentious and if the listing may or may not be displayed.

The following are not permitted to be listed on Find It Do It:

  • Political organisations
  • Lobby groups 
  • Manufacturers and distributors of tobacco products 
  • Manufacturers and distributors of alcohol 
  • Services relating to pornography and adult content 
  • Gambling and betting services
  • Organisations or groups that the Council considers mocking of groups of citizens or that contains innuendo or subtext which could cause offence.

The Council reserves the right to determine what behaviour it considers inappropriate. The Council does not receive any monetary payment or compensatory service for listing organisations on Find It Do It, and therefore reserves the right to remove listings at any time should it be deemed appropriate to do so.