Redpoint Worcester Climbing Centre


Here at Repoint Worcester Climbing Centre, we believe that the best way to create strong team bonds is through experiential learning. Indoor climbing has been noted to provide a wide range of benefits such as trust exercises and dynamic problem-solving tasks in a fun, social, controlled environment. The session you choose for your group, whether reward or progress based, will certainly leave a long-lasting impression and bond.

These sessions are for school groups and organisations such as scout groups only. To book private groups outside of these organisations please CLICK HERE.

Please note that the party leader is required to stay on Redpoint premises for the duration of the activity at Redpoint Climbing Centre.

Ages 3+

Redpoint Birthday parties are exciting, high energy, instructor-led sessions in an engaging safe environment. Our climbing packages include fun, active climbing games and group activities. Within your session the instructors will lead you through various climbing tasks within our roped climbing areas, giving everyone involved a new and exciting challenge with each ascent!

For those with particular challenges or requests in mind for their groups, please ask our friendly Redpoint Climbing Team when you book and we’ll talk through the possibilities. We understand that some people need some extra guidance, or something even more challenging! With each party being different from the last.


Venue is avaliable for hire. Please contact the venue directly.

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Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of venue listings on Find It Do It, Worcester City Council cannot guarantee the venue's availability or quality, and does not take responsibility for any subsequent booking or transaction which may take place between the venue and the booking individual. Please contact the venue directly for terms, prices and availability.



Number of rooms: 1
Maximum Capacity: 500
Scheduled Activites: ✔
Baby changing
facilities: ✔
Disabled toilets: ✔
Room(s) on more than one level: ✔
Tables: ✔
Curtains: ✔
Useable green space: ✔
Childrens play area: ✖
Heating: ✔
Additional tressle
tables: ✖
TV / Projector: ✔
WiFi facilities: ✔


Kitchen available: ✔
Can cater for hot
food: ✔
Can cater for cold
food: ✔
Microwave: ✔
Dishwasher: ✔
Fridge: ✔
Cups: ✔
Bowls: ✔
Cutlery: ✔


Car parking spaces: 50
Disabled parking spaces: 1
Bike parking spaces: 4