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Worcester Community Trust runs 10 different projects across the City of Worcester and manages 6 community hubs including the Building Block in Warndon, working with those who need support improving health and wellbeing. Last year we provided opportunities and support to over 4500 people, enhancing skills, increasing confidence and bringing people together.

Our History

Worcester Community Trust was set up in 2010 to join together 3 charities and take on the management of Community Centres owned by Worcester City Council and to take on youth and community work on behalf of the City Council and Worcestershire County Council.

We have a successful track record of delivering a wide range of services to people in the areas of greatest deprivation in Worcester including

  • Youth services
  • Domestic abuse support
  • Family support
  • Play
  • Lunch clubs and services for older people
  • Support for the socially isolated
  • Community work and events
  • Construction skills


Sports Hall line marked for Badminton and Basket Ball, also suitable for parties and assemblies.  The Hall opens on to a secure (public) toddler playground.  The kitchen hatches onto the main hall easing catering to parties.
The Hall Size is: 17m x 9.1m

Room Layout Capacities:

Theatre: 130
Banquet/Party: 120
U Shape: 30
Board Room: 20+
Class Room: 40

Price: £20.00 p/h



A smaller more intimate room that is suitable for small parties and meetings. Room Size is: 9.25m x 5.5m

Room Layout Capacities:

Board Room: 16
Theatre: 24
U Shape: 16
Class Room: 12

Price: £11.10 p/h



An ideal room for arts and crafts and small dance classes. Room Size is: 9.46m x 4.7m

Price: £11.10 p/h



Kitchen features sinks/wash basins, dishwasher, gas cooker/oven, fridge freezers and hot water urn. There is a serving hatch to the Main Hall. Kitchen Size is: 5m x 3.5m

Price: £8.60 p/h


Venue is avaliable for hire. Please contact the venue directly.

Charity number: 1112342


Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of venue listings on Find It Do It, Worcester City Council cannot guarantee the venue's availability or quality, and does not take responsibility for any subsequent booking or transaction which may take place between the venue and the booking individual. Please contact the venue directly for terms, prices and availability.